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reminder of IPv6 Ops Topics meeting THURSDAY, 11:45-12:45, Regency Room prior to IPng

This is just a reminder of the: 

       IPv6 Ops Topics meeting
            Regency Room
(where IPng will meet when we are done)

I may have misled some that it was Wed., but it is THURSDAY.

Current agenda: (but Marc Blanchet and I are still changing/adding/...)

6bone cleanup/hardening
 Rob Rockell - HARDEN and routes (along with Ivano)

What registry enhancements do we want
 David Kessens (mainly responding to change ideas)

Production sTLA allocation
 Kengo NAGAHASHI - net allocs in JP
 Bob Fink - 6PAPA process

PingER for IPv6
  Bob Fink (get people to volunteer pingable hosts)

 Itojun et al - IPv6 exchange in Japan
 Marc Blanchet - 6TAP