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 In your previous mail you wrote:

   I wonder how IPv6 communicate via ATM PVC.

=> IPv6 over ATM PVCs works very well.

   Does it employ some protokolol like Invers ARP in IPv4 or

=> there is an Internet Draft about inverse discovery by Alex Conta
(draft-ietf-ion-ipv6-ind-03.txt) but the target is Frame Relay
(but this "may also apply to other networks with similar behavior",
ie. other NBMA like ATM).

   you have to configure static address maping IPv6/ATM.

=> this is the standard way to do it, for instance on a Cisco with
an IPv6 enable IOS in a "map-list" you can have something like:
 ipv6 3FFE:306:1051:D6DB:2020:EAFF:FE00:2D5F atm-vc 70

   Could someone explain me this situation?
=> just try it!


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