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(IPng 7522) Yet another Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol

> HTTP://jazz-1.trumpet.com.au/ipv6-draft/dtcp-draft-prt-13-may-1999.htm
> Comments either to me or to the lists.

"Once a tunnel is established, the client may use normal tunnel
protocols for IPv6 tunnelling using the endpoints supplied by the
server, typically over IP port 41."

I would suggest using the term "IP protocol 41" instead of "IP port

"It is important to note that in this protocol, the <empty string> is
a valid command and should result in a -ERR response."

If it is a valid command, why should the command result in a -ERR
response? Why is the <empty string> a valid command?

"Unrecognized commands should invoke a -ERR response."

"Any other commands are totally ignored by the tunnel server, and no
response must be sent."

It is just me, or is this inconsistent? The latter tells me that
unrecognized commands must result in no response, but the former tells
me that it should result in a -ERR response.

The quit command response is actually specified to be "+OK tunnel
server quitting" which I think should be "+OK <optional comment>"
which is consistent with the example in the appendix.