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Application for pTLA (fwd)

On Fri, 7 May 1999, John El-Rassi wrote:

> Just to be sure i have no authority in the 6bone (only as an
> active implemntor and user)
> However the point made in the following argument is somewhat
> weak as from what i know a "6bone backbone" to be, is a provider
> of tunnels (of IPv6 over IPv4) and/or native IPv6 provider. 
> then not to forget that the 6bone is the test bed for ipv6 and
> future p/n/TLA's.   
> testing should be in progress (or soon to be within a reasonable
> time frame) and not when it is practical. (as that will be a
> while)

Please note, I can roll out the automatic tunnel system within days if
necessary so all my customers could potentially use IPv6.  My stuff is tested
and it works. 

By practical, I mean when our router manufacturer supports the full IPv6 over
PPP set of protocols.  IPv6-header compression is still in I-D stage last time
I looked which is a serious gap in the whole IPv6 rollout to the masses.  Why
we just didn't opt for going with a simple extension of VJ compression for PPP
over IPv6 beats me.  Also, because some router software is at a beta stage, it
is high risk for us to upgrade all our POPs when a significant revenue stream
is at stake. 

In the mean time, I will be setting up a dynamic tunnel server that is tied
directly into our RADIUS authentication system.  I don't expect the take up to
be quick as practically all of my customers don't even know what IPv6 is, let
alone even want it.

So practical means ASAP in my books.  Tunnels will get me so far, but the added
tunnel overhead may be a disincentive to customers, especially when they are
volume charged.  I might even implement the IPv6 compression I-D in the tunnel
too if I could work out how to demultiplex the different compressed packet

I do however have contacts in the industry that may help to speed up the IPv6
rollout within Australia.  Having a working system in place for demonstration
purposes will be a good step forward. 

> i admire your efforts for ipv6 production. Thumbs UP :-)
> i hope i made sense. :-)
> >2. The site MUST have the ability and intent to
> >rovide"production-
> >      like" 6Bone backbone service to provide a robust
> >andoperationally
> >      reliable 6Bone backbone.
> >We currently run an ISP in the state of Tasmania, Australia. 
> >Weare
> >commited to progress to provide IPv6 service whenever as soon >asispractical.

I think the "commitment to progress" is the important point.

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