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IPv6 FORUM '' Founding Members''

After just four weeks of campaign for the IPv6 FORUM, the feedback is 

People around the world support unconditionally IPv6 and see clearly the 
benefits of a dedicated forum for wider outreach and acceptance.

I am personally very pleased to share with you the preliminary results:

A - So far officially confirmed IPv6 FORUM '' Founding Members''  ( truly 
International Team ):

1  - Case Technology, UK-UAE
2  - Thomson-CSF Detexis, France
3  - Telebit, Denmark
4  - Eurocontrol, France
5  - Gigabell, Germany
6  - Hitachi, Japan
7  - Hewlett-Packard, USA
8  - DFN, Germany
9  - Canarie-Viagenie, Canada
10- NTT, Japan
11- WIDE, Japan
12- British Telecom, UK
13- Telecom Italia - CSELT, Italy

B - Very interested, but understandably need time to go through internal 
approval procedure:

3.	IBM
4.	France Telecom
5.	Deutsche Telekom
6.	AT&T NL
7.	Netmedia, Finland
8.	Acer, Taiwan
9.	RADLAN, Israel
10.	Mentat, US
11.	UMST Forum ICT Group

I might be missing some names !

C - Immediate Plan of Action

- First meeting in Oslo along the IETF meeting

- First Conference: GLOBAL IPv6 SUMMIT in Paris Oct 6-8.

- First Press Release will go out in June 99, timed with the Datacom article on 

- More exciting programs will be published in due time.

Hope to win more IPv6 Friends as Founding Members!