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Tunnel Broker software

Hi all,

the first version (v1.0) of the Tunnel Broker implementation developed
at CSELT is now available at http://carmen.cselt.it/ipv6/download.html.
We have also established a Tunnel Broker mailing list for discussion on
any problems related to software installation/usage and for future software
You can subscribe the CSELT TB mailing list by sending an e-mail to
[email protected] with the following command in the BODY 
of the message:

     subscribe tb

At present our implementation supports:
- clients running IPv6 Inria FreeBSD or 
  IPv6 for Windows NT (Microsoft Research) 
- Tunnel Servers running IPv6 Inria FreeBSD

Anyway due to the plugin-like architecture of our software it is easy 
to add support for new IPv6 platforms.
If you are interested in developing the missing components just follow 
the instructions provided in the README file included in the distribution 
and then send your scripts to the CSELT TB list so that
anyone can start using them.


Ivano Guardini  CSELT SpA
via G. Reiss Romoli 274  Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39 11 228 5424
Fax. +39 11 228 5069
e-mail: [email protected]