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pTLA request for Internet2

6BONE Folk,

The following pTLA request is to serve the Internet2 (I2) community with
IPv6 production quality service. The I2 project  will approach 200 US major
universities by the end of this year. I have been working with Dale
Finkelson (who is the person responsible for IPv6 activites in the I2
community) since last August planning their IPv6 deployment activity.

Given the scale and scope of the I2 community, I believe this is a very
important step in for IPv6 deployment activities, and strongly support
their becoming a pTLA.

I would like to have comments on this request sent to the list by close of
business 26 March (two weeks from today).



>  My name is Dale Finkelson. I work at the University of Nebraska, I am
also the
>chair of the Internet 2 IPv6 working group. In that capacity I would like to 
>apply for a 6bone pTLA. After looking at the requirements in the routing
document I 
>believe I meet those requirements.
>  I have an operational 6bone leaf site now operating within the University 
>of Nebraska.
>  I am in the process of building an operational IPv6 network operating 
>within the Internet 2 community. This network will be run as a production
>IPv6 network. It will be monitored by a 24 x 7 NOC, it will provide either
>IPv6 or tunneled IPv6 from at least 6 regional aggregation points (called
>back to the University campuses those gigapops serve. I will have this
>installed and running by May of 1999. The first routers will be in place
by early 
>April. This network will be national in scope, sites will range from the
west coast 
>to the southeast. It will also peer using native IPv6 with other national and 
>international networks at the 6tap.
>  Because I am serving such a large University community I have a 
>potentially large user community. Equally importantly there is
considerable stress 
>placed on making the user community aware of this network, the importance
of using 
>this network and on finding services within the university and related
>we can make available within the IPv6 network. 
>  We will certainly abide by current operational rules and policies.
>Thank you,
>Dale Finkelson
>[email protected]