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Flowlabel/Traffic Class


>We've got an small IPv6 network and like to test some programs. At the
>moment we have an webserver up and running and IE communicating with it
>over IPv6. Are there any other programs, next to finger,ping,telnet and
>ftp, which are IPv6 compatible? like video and audio conferencing.

None at our end yet.  But are looking at these kind of apps now.  I
think we need to do some testing of your second paragraph..

>Another question is: What is the status of the traffic calss field and
>the flowlabel. In RFC 2460 we can read that testing is going on but..
>Can we participate in this kind of testing or can we test it ourselfs.
>None of the software we've found is using QoS.

I have not see enough yet of the defaults to put the traffic class bits
on for IPv6.  But I think after Minneapolis we all need to start setting
the defaults.  What a server should do with diff serv draft just came
out and for our IPv6 we need to look at that draft for traffic class.

For the flowlabel we have implemented RSVP for IPv6 and if you pull our
kit over and have an Alpha running 4.0d Tru64 UNIX you can start testing
the flowlabel.  You also may want see if you can write test code via
rapi to the rsvp daemon too.  We are ready to test RSVP and the
flowlabel with IPv6 when others are ready and it should be requested at
the next UNH IPv6 bakeoff.  There are also several drafts that just came
out speaking to how rsvp applicability statements work with diff serv
for IPv4 and IPv6.  

See www.digital.com/info/ipv6/ to get to what we implemented thus far ad
also wee www.ipv6.org page.



Jan Marsman
Telematica Institute
[email protected]