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Meeting on IPv6 Address Allocation Policy

>A multihomed IPv6 site would be expected to have multiple
>prefixes, possibly taken from multiple TLAs. But multihoming
>is a very hard problem, and we can't afford to delay the start
>of IPv6 address assignment in the hope that someone solves it.
>What we are talking about is not *whether* subTLA assignment
>starts in April, but what the assignment guidelines are *when*
>it starts.

Exactly.  It is time to provide IPv6 addresses.

I also now agree with IAB response to the previous paper I looked at
that /29 should be allocated for the sub-TLA's. 

And all the quantity reqs for startup and references at least need to be

Also though I support conservation, initially we need to make sure
efforts like 6REN do not have to jump thru major hoops to get started,
which are good for Ipv6 and a real need for 6REN customers outside of
the U.S.

WHere will this paper be discussed at Minneapolis?  Or will it not and
just email?