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tunnel v6 in v4

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Hi ! 

We are two students of Italian University !
We work with 2 pc (named : ing58 and ing211).

We installed ipv6 on our linux machines using the Bieriger's HOWTO !    
We compiled inet6-apps0.34, net-tools1.50, telnet ........etc

This is our situation : ( it is possible this configuration ? )

ethernet NE2000|                 | tunnel v6 in v4 to CSELT   
         ______|____         ____|_____
        |          |        |          |
        |  ing211  |        |  ing58   |
        |__________|        |__________|  
We set up tunnel (v6 in v4 from ing58 to CSELT). 
CSELT are connect to 6bone!
We haven't problems if we ping v6 from ing58 to CSELT router, and from
ing211 to ing58 but we don't understand how configure ing209 for to ping
from ing211 to CSELT router.
It is possible this configuration ?

We tried also this configuration :

                                     tunnel v6 in v4 to CSELT
               ________________     ____________
          eth0 |         eth0 |     | eth1
         ______|___          _|_____|__
        |          |        |          |
        |  ing211  |        |  ing58   |
        |__________|        |__________|
We ping from ing211 to ing58 (addr eth1) but we don't ping from ing211 to
CSELT router !  

Our problem is : how it configure host (ing211) in local LAN for to send
packets v6 in v4 through tunnel (ing58) 

If you have some advice, can you tell us ?

Luca & Giancarlo