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pTLA request for MIBH

6bone Folk,

Per the request from Stephen Stuart (below), I'm opening a two week window
for the review of a pTLA for MIBH. I will close this on 3 August 99. 

Note that this will be a /28 pTLA assignment.

If you will look closely at Stephen's experience, coupled with the
customers he will have, I consider this one to easily qualify for a pTLA
and very important to the IPv6 deployment program.

Comments to the list please.



>To: Bob Fink <[email protected]>
>cc: Stephen Stuart <[email protected]>
>Subject: Request for pTLA
>Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 11:59:44 -0700
>From: Stephen Stuart <[email protected]>
>I'd like to get a pTLA for the MIBH network I'm building/expanding, so
>that we can build in IPv6 from a relatively early stage.
>RFC 2546 6bone backbone pTLA requirements:
>>  1. The site MUST have experience with IPv6 on the 6Bone, at least as
>>      a leaf site and preferably as a transit pNLA under an existing
>>      pTLA.
>While at DEC's Network Research Laboratory, I was responsible for
>setting up and operating the Digital Palo Alto IPv6 pTLA known as
>DIGITAL-CA, and the native IPv6 exchange fabric at PAIX. I am still
>involved in network architecture for PAIX, including future
>IPv6-related services. I am very familiar with IPv6 issues for pTLAs.
>>   2. The site MUST have the ability and intent to provide "production-
>>      like" 6Bone backbone service to provide a robust and operationally
>>      reliable 6Bone backbone.
>My network's customers include AltaVista (high volume content
>provider) and the Internet Software Consortium (for purposes of
>demonstrating robustness, a root nameserver operator); we are 
>commited to reliability in every aspect of our network. We currently
>exchange traffic with 40 other autonomous systems in three US west
>coast sites, and are planning expansion to the US east coast and
>>   3. The site MUST have a potential "user community" that would be
>>      served by becoming a pTLA, e.g., the requester is a major player
>>      in a region, country or focus of interest.
>Our immediate user community includes:
> - ISC's software developers, interested in testing IPv6-capable
>versions of BIND and deploying them in an enviroment capable of
>supporting root nameserver activity.
> - The NetBSD team's software distribution folks, interested in making
>ftp.netbsd.org IPv6-capable. 
>Future users include AltaVista's software development arm.
>> >   4. Must commit to abide by the 6Bone backbone operational rules and
>> >      policies as defined in the present document.
>I so commit.