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we need better "join the 6bone tools"

On 9 Jul 1999, Perry E. Metzger wrote:

(first time I replied to this it wasn't back to the list)

perry> It has become apparent that we need some better tools for helping
perry> organizations trying to play with v6 find 6bone connectivity. The

APNIC (well, myself) currently maintains a list of basic information about
various countries beneath http://www.apnic.net/maps/ .  As part of this,
I've taken the liberty of adding[1] a list of 6bone sites in each of
APNIC's countries[2] to the above url.


  Bruce Campbell <[email protected]>                +61-7-3367-0490
                 Systems Administrator (#2)     Regional Internet Registry
    Asia Pacific Network Information Centre    For the Asia Pacific Region

[1] Currently in the middle thereof.