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Singapore Linux Conference and IPv6

Jean Critcher writes:

> The Business Internet, Inc. is pleased to announce that the president of the
> company, John Page, has been asked to present an IPv6 tutorial using Linux
> at the Linux Conference which takes place in Singapore from
> March 5-7, 1999.  See http://slc.linux.com.sg/ for details on the
> conference.
> Please let us know if any of the 6bone mailing list recipients will be
> attending so that we can meet and share insights on our IPv6 discoveries in
> the Linux environment.

I'm doing a very similar thing at LinuxWorld Expo, in San Jose, CA from
March 1-4, 1999, under the name of "Linux and the Future of the Internet".

I would appreciate any comments from list subscribers about what they
think is worth communicating or reporting about Linux and IPv6 to a general
audience of Linux enthusiasts and business users.

              Seth David Schoen / [email protected]
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