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stla registry db issue

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Bill Manning wrote:

> % >   so what are we supposed to do with the /35 sTLA allocations that
> % >   the RIRs dish out for permanent (as opposed to 6bone) addresses?
> % 
> % The RIR policy is to reserve the whole /29 for expansion of the /35.
> % They promised never to allocate parts of the same /29 to more than
> % one user.
> % 
> % Therefore, the /35 can be announced simply by announcing the whole /29
> % that contains it. There will never be anyone else in that /29, so there
> % is no need to announce the longer prefix.
> % 
> % We must establish this principle solidly now, so that we **never** see
> % holes punched in /29s.
> % 
> %   Brian
> 	This has its own set of problems.  See the current discussion
> 	on micro-allocations inside ARIN.  In IPv4 parlence, it seems
> 	a tremendous waste of space to delegate a /19 for a site that
> 	will never have more than a few hosts yet will be multiply 
> 	homed. What I see here is the same argument, a /29 for a small
> 	set of nodes that will -never- meet the growth prospects for 
> 	numbers of end-nodes.  Historically this was also the case for
> 	IPv4 and its design, pre-subnetting.  It became clear that 
> 	there would not be a small number of networks with millions of
> 	nodes.  Hence the initial subnettting model (class A/B/C) and
> 	the CIDR refinements. 
> 	Is it just me or are we failing to learn from history here?
> 	This looks like a small number of networks with order(n) number
> 	of end-systems... all over again.
> --bill

A micro allocation in V6 is quite a bit different to V4 in that the basic /64
unit should cater for virtually unlimited numbers of hosts.  Allowing a small
number of bits for subnetting & routing would be all that's needed, so I would
suggest anything between /48 & /64 would be more than adequate.


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