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Testing SMTP over IPv6

My mail server is now configured to receive IPv6 mail.

Mail sent to *@ip6.trumpet.net should end up at our server.

If you wish to test, send a message to [email protected]

As I set it up, I came to the realization that MX will need to be set up
correctly for mail to be reliable to IPv6 machines.

Here is the MX list for ip6.trumpet.net

ip6.trumpet.net.        43200   MX      10 louie.ip6.trumpet.net.
ip6.trumpet.net.        43200   MX      15 louie.trumpet.com.au.
ip6.trumpet.net.        43200   MX      20 jazz-1.trumpet.com.au.
ip6.trumpet.net.        43200   MX      30 yarrina.connect.com.au.
ip6.trumpet.net.        43200   MX      40 warrane.connect.com.au.

If you are mixing IPv4 & IPv6 servers in the MX list,  it is important that
the MX list be set in the following manner...

IPv6 only servers		MX    a
IPv6 + IPv4 servers		MX    b
IPv4 only servers		MX    c

Where a < b < c

If there is a mix of IPv4 & IPv4 MX's, there must be a dual IPv6 + IPv4 server
either at the start of the list or before all the IPv4 only servers.
Otherwise mail will queue indefinitely at the IPv4 servers if the IPv6 only
server is down.

In my example, louie.ip6.trumpet.net and louie.trumpet.com.au are the same
machine.  The rest are IPv4 only servers.

Finally, please note that this IPv6 mail server is running over win32 using
Trumpet Fanfare 1.09 and Trumpet Winsock 5.0D (beta).  The setup is quite
stable and operates for months at a time. The machine is a Pentium 100 with 16
megs running Win95-original.


Peter R. Tattam                            [email protected]
Managing Director,    Trumpet Software International Pty Ltd
Hobart, Australia,  Ph. +61-3-6245-0220,  Fax +61-3-62450210