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Meeting with JPNIC


Some members of WIDE Project and JPNIC guys had a meeting on 23 April.
The following topics were discussed.

(1) 6bone Prequalification for Sub-TLA assignment (Bob Fink)
(2) Proposed change in 6bone pTLA 3FFE usage (Bob Fink)
(3) IPv6 Assignment and Allocation Policy Document 16/04/99 (RIR)

No particular objections arose against (1) and (2), so we agree to
Bob's proposals.

And we have some comments to RTR's draft.

(a) Section 3.2 says, "It is recommended that site-local addresses
be used for all point-to-point links,".

RTRs should not encourage the usage of site-local addresses. For
point-to-point links, link-local addresses are sufficient. For
particular proposes, global addresses should be used. (Please don't
encourage Number 10 stuff.)

(b) The word "BGP" is occasionally used in this draft. We feel that
the definition of this word is not clear. BGP consists of transport
(ie.  peering) and contents (routing info). We can't understand
whether or not IPv6 is required for both transport and contents.
(Note IPv6 routing information can be exchanged over BGP/TCP/IPv4

Moreover, we think particular protocols should not be specified. More
abstract word such as "exterior routing protocol" should be used.

(c) /35 doesn't align to the nibble boundary. So, we would like to
have considerations to DNS reverse lookups in Section 6. :-)