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ideas for automatic tunnel configs

At 16:28 23/04/99 +1000, Peter Tattam wrote:
>In the interests of increasing the ease of getting customers to hook up to
>the 6bone, I am planning to build both ends of a tunnel client/server
>Are there any places where I could start apart from the obvious RFC on
>IPv6 tunnels?
>I guess what I'd need would be a way to manage the tunnel end points
>automatically without need for configuration.  Perhaps a higher layer TCP
>or UDP protocol that would establish the tunnel and manage it.  Or perhaps
>a special keep alive packet that could be sent to a tunnel concentrator
>that would keep the tunnel open.
>While there could be security implications with tunnel hijacking under
>such a scheme at this early stage, the benefits of being able to
>automatically hook up to the 6bone could outweigh the risks.

Have you look at the tunnel broker model?

        - Alain.