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6bone Prequalification for Sub-TLA assignment


I think this plan will work but some issues I see which I think you

1.  Don't we need a 6PP doc?
2.  6Bone Hardening Defined?
3.  Do we do this on the mail list?
4.  What happens to existing pTLAs that don't qualify?

But we need to do something quick and I have not heard a better plan.
And if the IRs are open to this we should move forward is my input.

I don't think the IETF (the entity) is associated with the 6bone in a
manner that would cause one to have concern, and we should clear that up
if folks do think this.  The people working on the 6bone also
participate in the IETF, and the work is presented at IETF meetings but 
the IETF does not bless or veto stuff we do on the 6bone?  Or am I missing 
something more subtle?

The 6bone is I think a good prequalifier for those who want to
participate and in fact do real work with IPv6.  Its not the only
qualifier that should be used but a good one for the IRs to test
applicants.  Then applicants can use the 6bone to ramp up.

What I really like about using the 6bone I don't think was mentioned.

It means folks have to use the IPv6 address in some way and they can't
say they can't because the 6bone is running.  This way folks won't hoard
them up like they did NSAP space and never use them.

But ovverall I think this is a good idea in my input.

What was the end result of /29 vs /35?