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6bone Prequalification for Sub-TLA assignment

	Hi. This is HEO writeing

> Bob Fink <[email protected]> writes:
> > If Sub-TLAs are given away too easily, they will be encouraging non-ipv6
> > providers to get theirs now, i.e., the land rush model which could easily
> > fill up the TLA/Sub-TLA space with networks, sites, and organizations that
> > simply want to make sure they have a TLA/Sub-TLA, even if they don't need
> > one now or really qualify (i.e., they have no intent on putting up IPv6
> > service and/or are simply not higher level transits).
> > 
> > Alternatively, if Sub-TLAs are too hard to get, especially in the early
> > days of IPv6 deployment, it will discourage providers from putting up IPv6
> > service, may give the impression that IPv6 doesn't help the address space
> > problem at all, thus greatly impeding the progress of IPv6 deployment and
> > transition, and even pose a legal risk to the registries.
> I think we should err on the side of liberalism. The whole advantage
> of IPv6 is that we don't break the IP end to end model by forcing
> people into NATs. If its too hard to get v6 address space, no one is
> going to have any incentive to move to v6. If you can get v6 space
> when you couldn't get v4 space, people will start wanting it.

	I agree [email protected]'s opinion, too.

	The IPv6 is very happy because many of IPv6 users are assigned IP
	address, so the users need not use IP (header) rewriting
	software, such like NAT, NAPT, or IP masquerade.

	sTLA assignment rule assigns IPv6 assigner to limited sites.
	We are now wanted IPv6 assigner near our site, or if we can not
	get such site, one of our solution is "we become assigner".
	That rules are reject that solution.

	IPv6 Network become generalize, maybe that rule will work. But
	start of construct and use IPv6 network, many of the interested
	person or volunteer team can get sTLA and assign IPv6 address many 

	We need IPv6 users first. And now we can get IPv6 protocol stack
	easily. So next step is many of users get IPv6 address easily.

	Sorry for my poor English.

HEO SeonMeyong.
	Internet Research Institute, Inc.
	[email protected]