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IPV6 question (fwd)

My bad. Thanks for all the quick replies. Too used to seeing 3ffe's...

Rob Rockell
Sprintlink Internet Service Center
Operations Engineering
1-800-724-3329, PIN 385-8833

On Tue, 15 Sep 1998, Robert Rockell wrote:

->noticed some strange routes today when grooming my routing table. Anyone know
->if there is a special delegation I don't know about?
->AS Paths removed in case it was a downstream/peer mistake:
->  5F00:6D00::0/32
->  5F01:7800::0/32
->  5F04:C500:CB26:1100::0/64
->  5F0B:4F00::0/32
->  5F0D:E900:CE9C:9400::0/64
->  5F0F:8800::0/32
->  5F10:8800::0/32
->  5F11:D000:CCA2:E400::0/64
->These appear to be only coming from you. I must be behind on my ipv6 delegation,
->because I can't recall what 5f00::/8 is doing on the backbone. (comign from cisco
->mostly???) If you could refresh my memory, I would most appreciate it,and make
->sure not to filter it.
->thanks in advance.
->Rob Rockell
->Sprintlink Internet Service Center
->Operations Engineering
->1-800-724-3329, PIN 385-8833