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Progress noted, PPP question, Stateless config question.

In article <[email protected]> Stephen Stuart 
<[email protected]> writes:>To: Bill Manning <[email protected]>
>cc: [email protected] (Bob Fink), [email protected]
>Subject: Re: new site AMS-IX as 6bone pTLA 3FFE:3000::/24 
>Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 22:31:43 -0700
>From: Stephen Stuart <[email protected]>

>>       Actually, that would be the second LAP was/is the first.
>>       I should have that part of the 6bone core back online within
>>       the next few hours.

>Or third, if you consider the native IPv6 IX set up at the Palo Alto
>Internet Exchange way back when (addressed using part of the

>Nice to see the idea catching on, though!


Sounds good.

I've got Auto Address Configuration working now.  PPP to come soon when I can 
figure out what I'm supposed to do about compression.