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new site AMS-IX as 6bone pTLA 3FFE:3000::/24

6bone Folk,

I have added the new site AMS-IX as pTLA 3FFE:3000::/24:


I have done this without the usual 2-week review cycle as it didn't quite fit the normal process,and they are certainly ready and qualified.  AMS-IX will be a native IPv6 Exchange and has SURFnet, AT&T, UUnet-NL, and Cistron as their first participants.

After they get it going, and we have the Sub-TLA assignments coming out of the registries, they would be one of the first candidates to provide a real service. 

So, welcome to AMS-IX!


At 11:53 PM 9/9/98 +0200, Henk Steenman wrote:
>On behalf of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX,
>http://www.ams-ix.net/ ) I have the following request.
>In Amsterdam (The Netherlands) we are currently starting an experiment with
>a native IPv6 Internet Exchange. The IPv6 based Exchange will be
>implemented on the current production platform of the AMS-IX but will be
>defined in a different VLan in order not to disturb any production traffic. 
>The Initial parties involved in the experiment are:
>	SURFnet, AT&T, UUnet-NL, Cistron
>After a start-up period the experiment will be opened up for more.
>Part (large) of the experiment will involve different addressing structures
>and one of the more interesting ones will involve the issue of a pTLA for
>the exchange itself, pNLA's of this pTLA for the AMS-IX connected parties
>and routing of the AMS-IX pTLA by  several transit providers. 
>To be able to implement this, we would like to get a 6Bone pTLA for the
>- Henk
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>Internetworking Architect                         Fax:       + 31 20 4531 574
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