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routing policy questions


> Recently, I established a tunnel with an European site that has a
> /48 assigned from a pTLA (in US but not me) through some transit
> site.
> I'd like to ask people on 6bone who are involved in multi-homing
> about how you implement it (keeping the 6bone routing policy).

It is pretty clear that this 6bone rule is in serious contradiction
with bgp4 paradigm and with concept of AS numbers. Read, with reality 8)

Probably, I do not understand something, but it is impossible
to inhibit exporting shorter prefixes without getting rid of
these concepts.

Suppose, my pTLA is collection of 3 AS. 2 of them have tunnels.
If I do aggregation, it will not only make paths much longer,
I will be forced to export aggregate with different AS paths!!!

I am sorry, I prefer to violate any rules, only to avoid BGP breaking.

Alexey Kuznetsov