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[email protected] wrote:

> One question I have, and I've read the FAQ's and gone to the sites, is
> feasability of IPv6 running parallel with IPv4 on a linux box and
> connecting that to the 6bone... I'm getting mixed feelings about the
> routing thing.  Can the linux box be an ipv6 tunnel machine into the
> 6bone? Or is there anouther router required?
I'm a Linux devotee and I'm about to enter the world of ipv6 as soon as I
get a link to the 6bone. You need to use a kernel in the 2.1 series which
means you are using a development kernel which in tern means that your
system may not be very reliable. ipv6 will be supported in the 2.2 kernel
series (production series - reliable) which is due out sometime early next
year. In other words don't run it on an important mission critical machine
(or wait until next year).

Linux can do ipv6 tunnelling (over ipv4) so you'd just need your connection
to the Internet (ie. ipv4 connection).

There is a good FAQ at
http://www.bieringer.de/linux/IPv6/IPv6-HOWTO/IPv6-HOWTO.html with details
about setting up a Linux ipv6 box from scratch.

Lots of luck,

Allen Baranov