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My web...

same here

	From: 	Keighery, Kevin[SMTP:[email protected]]
	Sent: 	Friday, November 27, 1998 3:57 AM
	To: 	'Armando Aguirre Schlick'; [email protected]
	Subject: 	RE: My web...


	Can't access your sites from IPv4 browser - as you might expect
(with errors
	as below). 

	Fatal Error 500
	Can't Access Document: http://www.ipv6.inf.utfsm.cl/. 
	Reason: Can't locate remote host: www.ipv6.inf.utfsm.cl. 

	Fatal Error 500
	Can't Access Document: http://zamana.ipv6.inf.utfsm.cl/. 
	Reason: Can't locate remote host: zamana.ipv6.inf.utfsm.cl. 

	Have you seen the IPv6/IPv4 translator work at:
	http://www.cs.washington.edu/research/networking/napt/  ?

	> -----Original Message-----
	> From:	Armando Aguirre Schlick [SMTP:[email protected]]
	> Sent:	Thursday, November 26, 1998 7:56 PM
	> To:	[email protected]
	> Subject:	My web...
	> 	I configured my ipv6-network and looks everything ok, but I
	> know if somebody can access my webserver.
	> 	Can someone access my webserver?? The address is
	> http://www.ipv6.inf.utfsm.cl, if it don´t work probe
	> http://zamana.ipv6.inf.utfsm.cl.....
	> 	Thanks.
	> 	P.D.: if somebody make the test, please send me a e-mail (
	> 	matter if it´s rigth o wrong).
	> -- 
	> Armando Aguirre Schlick
	> mailto:[email protected]
	> Estudiante De Ingenieria Civil en Informatica
	> Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile
	> http://www.inf.utfsm.cl/~lxa