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draft ngtrans agenda for Orlando

NGtrans Folk,

This is my current ngtrans agenda for Orlando. As mentioned earlier, the time of the meeting is:

	Tuesday, December 8 at 1300-1515 

Please let me know if you want to add/change some agenda item before I submit it to the secretariat on Thursday evening.

Apologies if I've forgotten something, just let me know :-)



NGTRANS Charter Update, 5 mins - Tony Hain

Transition Mechanisms I-D to replace RFC 1933, 10 mins - Erik Nordmark

Last Call on SIIT for Experimental RFC, 5 mins - Erik Nordmark

Last Call on NAT-PT for Experimental RFC, 5 mins - George Tsirtsis

Last Call on 6Bone Routing Practice for Informational RFC, 5 mins - Bertrand Buclin

Categorizing Translators between IPv4 and IPv6, 5 mins - Kazu YAMAMOTO

Dual Stack Hosts using the "Bump-in-the-Stack" Technique, 10 mins - Kazuaki Tsuchiya 

A SOCKS-based IPv6/IPv4 Translator Architecture, 15 mins - Hiroshi KITAMURA 

Manipulating the 6bone registry objects through a web interface, 5 mins - Florent Parent

Filter Policy for the 6bone backbone, 5-10 mins - Rob Rockwell

A Production IPv6 Research & Education Networks Initiative, 5-10 mins, Bob Fink

6bone status report, 5-10 min - Bob Fink/David Kessens