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welcome to Ukraine

6bone folk,

The Donetsk State Technical University in Ukraine have joined the 6bone.
That's 39 active countries on the 6bone.


ipv6-site: IPV6UA 
origin: AS3261 
descr: IPv6 Networks for Ukraine 
Donetsk State Technical University 
country: UA 
prefix: 3FFE:2402::/32 
application: ping ns.ipv6.net.ua 
application: ping rtr.ipv6.net.ua 
tunnel: IPv6 in IPv4 ipv6.dgtu.donetsk.ua -> amber.inr.ac.ru INR BGP4+ 
contact: AK2-6BONE 
remarks: ipv6-site is operational 
notify: [email protected] 
changed: [email protected] 19981106 
source: 6BONE