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some 6bone backbone cleanup recommendations


At 08:47 PM 4/30/98 -3100, Bill Manning wrote:
>> Setup a 6bone-ops list consisting of only mail handles registered in the
>> 6bone registry:
>>   should include email handles from: (David Kessens has volunteered to do
>> this list)
>>     the person: object, e-mail: field
>>     the mntner: object, mnt-nfy: field
>>     remove duplicates
>>     all 6bone sites, not just backbone pTLAs
>	Perhaps the better way to do this is to track the delegations
>	and use the SOA contacts.  
>	Its' being done to soem degree with the walking of the inverse
>	tree already.

If we do try to create a new list my concern with your idea is that SOAs
might miss folk at 6bone sites that should be on our list but for some
local DNS management reason aren't SOA contacts.