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multihoming BOF


At 05:35 PM 3/30/98 +0200, Francis Dupont wrote:
>We have not enough time to discus multihomed multiprovider stuff
>at the NGTRANS sessions and there are some conflicts with other
>WG sessions (ie not everybody could come).
>I propose a short BOF at lunch time before the NGTRANS session
>Tuesday in the same room (Avalon which should be free) and
>if possible before (ie close to 14h00 not 11h15).

I don't understand your time above.  Are we meeting in Avalon at noon or
11:30 or ...?

>The purpose is to get opinions/advices from ISPs because
>proposed solutions have obviously strong not-technical constraints.
>Documents are :
> RFC 2260: Scalable Support for Multi-homed Multi-provider Connectivity
> draft-ietf-ngtrans-6bone-multi-00.txt
>Report (if we collect enough material) will be at the NGTRANS session
>(cf the agenda).
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