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as 5609

Hi Pedro,

I am trying to access the 6Bone backbone using a cisco
4700 together with a Telebit TBC2000 (is there anyone who
is testing the same configuration? :-)).
For this reason I have established an iBGP peering between 
the two routers and each one is terminating some of the CSELT's
backbone tunnels.
Yesterday I configured the Telebit router to start advertising the BGP4+
routes towards the whole 6Bone in addition to the CSELT's
prefix (3ffe:1000::/24) while the day before I was using only the cisco
router for that purpose.
According to your e-mail it is likely that something is going wrong
in the interoperability between the cisco router and the Telebit one.
For this reason I have reconfigured both the routers to stop advertising
routes towards th whole 6Bone and currently they are advertising only
the CSELT IPv6 prefix.
I will keep this configuration until I will be able to understand the
of the problem you observed.

It would be of great help if you could give me more details about the
bogus routes you observed yesterday.

    Thank you


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> From: 	Pedro Marques[SMTP:[email protected]]
> Sent: 	giovedì 12 marzo 1998 20.10
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> Subject: 	as 5609
> FYI: cisco is blocking all annoucements originating from as 5609 as
> this site is originating dozens of bogus routes.
>   Pedro.