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Hi all,

Peter Bieringer wrote:
> For connection to the 6bone you need a tunnelendpoint with a globally IPv4
> address.
> Because of IPv4 transfer is different to IPv6 transfer, either your proxy can
> handle IPv6-in-IPv4 packets and sends them to your tunnel endpoint, or is
> the tunnelendpoint itself.

So basicly I need a server connected directly to the Internet.
I have a server in America (which is currently offline due to Harddisk
failure), running

> Dial-in doesn't really help you, because you have to set up a tunnel
> through the dial-up line. It will only work, if you have one tunnel
> endpoint outside (at a friend), and one inside your network and tunnel by
> IPv4 dial-up between them (if your dial-up to outside is with dynamic
> allocated IPv4 addresses, I have a solution for Linux to solve this problem).

I could create a tunnel between my home and my server in America, but
won't my dail-in ISP interfere with the tunnel ? My dail-in ISP doesn't
use a firewall and/or proxy.
My server (in America) has 32 IP adresses, and I'll try to get one from
my dail-in ISP. 

> But that's not the way your sysad want to honour. A better way is if your
> sysad let one of a free IPv4 address through the firewall proxy into your
> net for a tunnel endpoint. But tunneling is also a security hole...

True, I try to confince my system administrator, or try to find an
> >I know the DNS has to be IPv6 compatible, but I don't know if it's
> >essential for use.
> DNS isn't really necessary for a simple tunnel. And sometimes in the
> future, when DNS transfers will also go over IPv6, it's no problem.
> >Excuse me if this is a really stupid question :)
> Only answers can be stupid, hope, my isn't it :-)

I'm trying to learn from my mistakes, but that probably means that I
have to make mistakes to learn :-)
> Peter

Thanks all,


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