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IPv6 Integration

There are four books available re IPv6.  The three that deal with
implementation and the protocol itself are:
*	IPv6, The New Internet Protocol, Christian Huitema.  This book
was interesting as Dr. Huitema was there at the beginning and gives a
lot of insight into the history of its development.
*	IPng and the TCP/IP Protocols, Implementing the Next Generation
Internet, Stephen A. Thomas.  Really gets into the nuts and bolts,
however, some changes have occurred since its release.  Really good
description of real-time support.
*	Implementing IPv6, Migrating to the Next Generation Internet
Protocols, Mark Miller.  This is the newest of the bunch (1998)
therefore more up-to-date.  Comprehensive as well.  It may be tough to
find as I'm not sure its available yet.  I think our library got an
early release but it should be out very soon.  The book comes with a
CD-ROM which includes transition mechanisms and strategies as well as
the RFCs.  By the way, the RFCs are really very interesting.  There are
links within the 6bone home page.
*	Network World had a good article last year.  (www.nwfusion.com)
You should be able to do a search to find it.
> *	http://techweb.cmp.com/nc/901/901colmoskowitz.html  Another
> article, more recent, enumerates some reasons to start dedicating
> resources to IPv6.
*	www.techweb.com (search IPv6) will give you about 50+ articles
on the subject.  There is a link there to AltaVista search, however, it
generates something like 7500 hits (too much)

Hope this helps.  


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> Subject: 	IPv6 Integration
> Good Afternoon,
> I just recently started researching IPv6 and I am having difficulties 
> finding any halfway descent information on this topic. If anyone can 
> help me in locating any whitepapers or information I would appreciate 
> it. Thank you and have a great weekend.
> Tony
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