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What NGTrans is about (Re: scheduling for August IETF)

(some hopefully irrelevant CCs deleted)

Just to remind you what ngtrans is SUPPOSED to be doing:
The purpose of this group is to design the mechanisms and procedures to
support the transition of the Internet from IPv4 to IPv6. 
The work of the group will fall into three areas: 

1. Define the processes by which the Internet will be transitioned from
IPv4 to IPv6. As part of this effort, the group will produce a document
explaining to the general Internet community what mechanisms will be
employed in the transition, how the transition will work, the assumptions
about infrastructure deployment inherent in the operation of these
mechanisms, and the types of functionality that applications developers
will be able to assume as the protocol mix changes over time. 

2. Define and specify the mandatory and optional mechanisms that vendors
are to implement in hosts, routers, and other components of the Internet in
order for the transition to be carried out. Dual protocol stack,
encapsulation and header translation mechanisms must all be defined, as
well as the interaction between hosts using different combinations of these
mechanisms. The specifications produced will be used by people implementing
these IPv6 systems. 

3. Articulate a concrete operational plan for transitioning the Internet
from IPv4 to IPv6. The result of this work will be a transition plan for
the Internet that network operators and Internet subscribers can execute. 
Furthermore, it's supposed to be finished by July 95 :-)

I think ngtrans should be asking itself:

- What will the group produce?
- When will it produce it?
- What else is needed to get the NG transition rolling?

                             Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway
[email protected]