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ipv6 native in the registry


On Sun, Jun 14, 1998 at 03:01:01PM -0400, Marc Blanchet wrote:
> I'm in the process of registering native ipv6 links, 
> since we are making a national ipv6 native network.
> Since the registry has been upgraded to RPSL, any progress on this or
> do we still stick with the IPv6 in IPv6 hack? 

Yes. We are still extremely busy here with the IPv4 RIPE181 -> RPSL
conversion and we first want to have that up and running before moving
on IPv6.

In principle all prefixes that are registered in the 'ipv6-site:'
objects are supposed to be in use and reachable through the 6bone (as
opposed to the allocations/assignements which are registered in the
'inet6num:' objects). The 'ipv6-site:' describes how a certain set of
prefixes is connected to the 6bone. You can use the 'IPv6 in IPv6'
hack for describing native links between different sites, but this is
not necessary inside the 'ipv6-site:' itself since it is assumed that
the prefixes are natively connected, or otherwise another 'ipv6-site:'
would have been present. Actually you could even decide to omit the
tunnel information for natively connected 'ipv6-site:'s since this
would again imply that they are somehow connected natively to the
6bone, since I would assume that this is (should be) the default
operation of an IPv6 Internetwork just as we are currently doing in
the IPv4 world. And finally, RPSL will add 'inet-rtr:' (router)
objects which will give much more flexibility to describe the nature
of the links between the 'ipv6-site:'s.

David K.