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How can I get PTLA address?

At 9:38 PM -0800 1/22/98, [email protected] wrote:
>  Does anyone have a advice for getting PTLA address?

As discussed in http://www.6bone.net/6bone_hookup.html

"The best way to find an appropriate attachment point to the 6bone (i.e., a
site to build a tunnel to) is to find a 6bone backbone site (see current
list of 6bone backbone sites) that is closely conneceted to your best IPv4
connectivity path, has good up-time and round-trip time characteristics,
and is willing to have you attach."

As for becoming a pTLA, you should get lots of experience as a leaf site
first, then if you want to be a transit, become an NLA under your pTLA to
gain experience, and then develop a strong case for becoming a pTLA level

If you have questions on this, please ask.