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about BGP4+

>>>>> "Yann-Ju" == Yann-Ju Chu <[email protected]> writes:

    Yann-Ju>  I am trying to find the BGP4+ specification, but can not
    Yann-Ju> find the one match. Is BGP4+ a formal name for "BGP4 for
    Yann-Ju> IPv6"?

BGP4+ is the informal name for BGP 4 with Multiprotocol extensions.

    Yann-Ju>   Is the following document the spec. for BGP4+?

That is the document that specifies how to use BGP Multiprotocol Extensions
for IPv6. BGP4+ is used at the moment both for IPv6 and to carry multicast
RP information. The IPv6 specific details are documented in the draft you

    Yann-Ju> <draft-ieft-idr-bgp4-ipv6-01> BGP4 Multiprotocol
    Yann-Ju> Extendison for IPv6 Inter-domain Routing If any body can
    Yann-Ju> answer for me, I will be very thankful.