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IPng & ATM

6bone list :
Doing some study on IPng and ATM , need
some pointers,sources,publications or comment on;

1) CPU overheads during implementation of SIIT (translator box),
   i.e IPv6 over IPv4 on single host and dual clouds:

   IPv6  ===>     <SIIT>  ===>   [IPv4]   ==>  [IPv4]    {Single Host
   Host                network
host                              scenerio };

   IPv6  ===>[Dual Cloud]==>[SIIT]==>[IPv4]== > [IPv4]   { Dual Cloud };

   host           [IPv6 & IPv4]                       network      host

I don't know if this the correct forum for this question, however
pls bear with me :)) (if not advise where I can address this
question ?)

2) Behavior of AAL5, (CL & SAR layers) during congestion at the
   network edge and within the ATM network, after RSVP signaled
   call admission and per flow specs have initiated a VC,
   with the QoS service class being VBRrt.