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configured tunnel on Cisco Router

     We are trying to configure ipv6 on a Cisco4500 router which has
2 Ethernet  and an Atm (155) interface. The software release that we
have downloaded is c4500-tsipv6-mz.1024.

The router is connected to two Sun worstations which support ipv6, one
of them through the ethernet interface and the other one through an atm

The problem that we have found is that we can not make a configured
tunnel to the workstation through the atm interface because we cannot
find the commands which appear in the commands.txt file that we got
from  ftp://ftpeng.cisco.com/raj/release.

My question is if I must get another software release and where I can
find it. I would appreciate it very much if someone can give me this

Thank you.

Ana Maria Lopez Nieto

 ATM Networks Division
 Telefonica I+D          C./ Emilio Vargas, 6
                         E-28043 Madrid, Spain
 mailto:[email protected]     Tlf +34-1-337 47 02
                                             FAX +34-1-337 45 02