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New entry for 6bone 'stats' page


At 07:11 AM 1/30/98 -0800, Peter Curran wrote:
>Could you add my site to your 'statistics' page on the 6bone web site,
>The URL for the ping stats is
>This is available via v4 and v6.  The stats are a 6-hourly 5 ping sequence
>to each 6bone node listed in the registry.  Traceroute and registry reading
>facilities are also provided.

I have added this page to the 6bone stats page pointers.

>PS.  It is pretty incredible, looking around the various 'pingo-meters',
>that around half of the 6bone is almost permamently down :-{

 I agree about backbone connectivity, but never fear, we shall soon start
the backbone hardening :-)

I have been waiting for comments on Alain Durand's I-D on backbone routing
rules to proceed.