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At 05:57 PM 12/19/98 +0200, Hossam El-Ashkar wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>	I have been away from this mailing list for about 3 months. I have
>noticed that it is now far less active than it was. Is the interest in
>IPv6 dying or what?

Not at all. If anything the pace is picking up, for IPv6. On the other
hand, the 6bone isn't all that active as it is mostly a testbed network,
not a production network, so many feel they are up and running on current
versions of IPv6 that aren't yet in production.

This is the reason that I've initiated the 6ren initiative, which I will
soon announce on this list. You can look at <http://6ren.net> for some
first very high level info about, but most info is in progress as we speak.
The good news is that the enthusiam for getting into production is high,
which will help us make Internet (IPv4) applications work over IPv6 and get
vendors to move their beta code into production versions.

>	I am now responsible for making an ipv6 node here in Egypt, and i
>need a tunnel to the 6bone. I had a tunnel with 3com before, but it seems
>that they have stopped their ipv6 activities. Can anyone provide me with a

You need to do some traceroutes to get a first cut idea of where your IPv4
paths might take you regarding various pTLA sites, i.e., it is best if you
can avoid tunneling all around the world when another path would be much
shorter and more reliable. Once you settle on a candidate pTLA, then use
their registry data to contact them to see if they will host you.

>	I need a breifing on the 6bone state now, where can i find that??
>Does the web site has anything that can help?

Well, the 6bone web site does tell you how to join, and points to the
Lancaster site to see size, topology, etc.

At the moment we are 39 countries, 320 sites and 51 backbone pTLAs.

If you are looking for something specific, please let me know.