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interim meeting planning

As mentioned in the ipngwg and ngtrans meetings in Orlando last week,
the chairs of the two working groups propose to hold a two-day joint
interim meeting in the first week of February to discuss the next steps
in IPv6 standardization, implementation, transition, and deployment.
We propose also to allocate a third day for non-working-group business,
such as coordination of the 6bone, 6ren, and other IPv6-related
initiatives.  A more concrete agenda is in preparation, but of
immediate concern is deciding where to meet.  We have narrowed it
down to two choices:

	(1) the San Francisco Bay Area

	(2) Grenoble, France

The meeting dates will be February 2-4.

We would like to hear as soon as possible (like, within the next 24 hours)
from those of you who would like to attend the meeting but will be able
to attend in only one of those two places.  Specifically:

	- If you can attend in either place, do not reply.

	- If you cannot attend in either place, do not reply,

	- If you can attend in only one of those two places,
	  please reply as soon as possible to Bob, Bob, Tony, and me
	  (our addresses are in the Cc: line, above; please do NOT reply
	  to the three mailing lists in the To: line!), and tell us
	  in which place you can attend.