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INTERNET 2 Information Request

Hi! Andrea,

I don't quite understand what you mean by scientific and mathematical
formulae. As for Internet2 goes I guess there two schools of thought. One is
IP over ATM ( or MPOA) another is POS ( packet over Sonet). So the concepts
that govern the backbone necessarily stems from ATM network concepts and
that of BISDN and SONET depending on their deployment.

Only if you could elucidate as to your specific research area into
Internet2, I may be of help. Incidentally I am involved with the Internet2
project at University of Rochester as part of my thesis work on "IP over
ATM". Take care.

Best regards,


Ramesh Shanmuganathan
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From: Capriotti Andrea <[email protected]>
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Date: Monday, December 07, 1998 8:41 PM
Subject: INTERNET 2 Information Request

>Dear Sir or Madam
>My name is Andrea Capriotti and I am specializing in Telecomunications at
>Electronics Engineering University of ANCONA (Italy).
>I am working for my degree examination concerning INTERNET 2 and I am
>looking for every information about links and technical materials (e.g.
>Bandwith, QoS, GigaPops, IPV6, protocols and every  kind of mathematical
>I have already examinated the Web pages of www.internet2.edu and those
>connected to it downloading most of the Powerpoint presentations and a lot
>of documentation but I need more scientifical and mathematical
>Waiting for news, I thank you in advance for your interesting.
>Yours Faithfully
>Andrea Capriotti
>[email protected]
>ICQ #246379