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pTLA request from RCCN

6bone folk,

Below is the pTLA request from the RCCN folk at the National Research Community
Network in Lisbon, Portugal.


Please send your comments on this to the list. If approved, I would like to
assign the pTLA by 15 Sep.


>Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:02:52 +0100 (WEST)
>From: Pedro Figueiredo <[email protected]>
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: ptla assignment request
>Cc: [email protected], [email protected]
>dear bob,
>i am responsible for the rccn (who manages the portuguese research
>network) ipv6 project. fccn would like to apply for a ptla assignment.
>fccn is in charge of managing rccn, the portuguese research community
>network. we've been working with ipv6 since may, with the goal of
>establishing an appropriate transition scheme when the time comes, and
>to assess the benefits for the network.
>1. must have experience with ipv6 in the 6bone, at least as a leaf
>site, and preferably as an NLA transit under a pTLA.
>we are operating a 6bone node at rccn's management center, and have
>established tunnels and bgp4+ routing peers with switch/ch; ul/pt and
>2. must have the ability and intent to provide "production-like" 6bone
>backbone service to provide a robust and operationally reliable 6bone
>we currently run several services on an ipv6 node at rccn's management
>center and have several agreements to connect several institutions who
>have an insterest in ipv6, namely several portuguese universities.
>3. must have a potential "user community" that would be served by
>becoming a pTLA, e.g., the requester is a major player in a region,
>country or focus of interest.
>fccn manages the portuguese national research comunnity network,
>connecting the majority of the universities in the country, as well as
>many research laboratories.
>4. must commit to abide by whatever the 6bone backbone operational
>rules and policies are (currently there are no formal ones, but the
>alain duran draft is a start in trying to define some).
>we hereby state that will abide to the 6bone operational rules and
>thank you very much for your time.
>pedro figueiredo