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pTLA request

6bone folk,

Below is the pTLA request from the BME-FSZ folk at the Technical University of Budapest in Hungary.


Please send your comments on this to the list. If approved, I would like to assign the pTLA by 8 Sep.



At 11:34 AM 8/24/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Bob,
>I'm writing on behalf of our IPv6 team at the Department of Control
>Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of
>Budapest (BME-FSZ). We would like to apply for the assignment of a pTLA to
>Our department is active in computer networks research and education. As a
>part of this research, we have been working with IPv6 for nearly two
>years. We are taking part in several academic projects on next generation
>Brief description about our site: http://www.ipv6.fsz.bme.hu/ 
>> 1. Must have experience with IPv6 in the 6bone, at least as a leaf site,
>>    and preferably as an NLA transit under a pTLA.
>We are connected to the 6bone since early 1997, as transit site under
>SURFNET and SWITCH. We are providing transit services for several leaf
>sites in Hungary. We have experience with several host and router IPv6
>> 2. Must have the ability and intent to provide "production-like" 6bone 
>>    backbone service to provide a robust and operationally reliable 6bone 
>>    backbone. 
>We are currently providing services for several sites, and we are planning
>to increase this number. We are constantly enhancing our IPv6 network and
>we have the necessary network infrastructure to do this. 
>> 3. Must have a potential "user community" that would be served by
>>    becoming a pTLA, e.g., the requester is a major player in a region,
>>    country or focus of interest. 
>Our site is part of the Hungarian Academic IP network, our main "user
>community" is the other academic institutions using IPv6, as well as
>other sites interested in IPv6.
>> 4. Must commit to abide by whatever the 6bone backbone operational rules
>>     and policies are (currently there are no formal ones, but the Alain
>>     Duran draft is a start in trying to define some). 
>We state that we will commit to abide to these rules.
>Thank you,
>	Szabolcs Szigeti
>	EE MSc
>	Dept. of Control Engineering and Information Technology, TUB