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final ngtrans agenda for Chicago IETF

ngtrans/6bone folk (and AATN as well),

The following is my final (to the secretariat) ngtrans agenda (including the 6bone and aatn stuff) for Chicago. 

If I've missed something, please let me know by private email or at the meeting, and I will correct.



TUESDAY, August 25, 1998

1300-1400 Afternoon Sessions I 
	OPS ngtrans Next Generation Transition WG
1415-1515 Afternoon Sessions II
	OPS ngtrans Next Generation Transition WG

ngtrans intro, agenda, charter and handling drafts -Bob Fink - 10 mins

"IPv6 Transitions Mechanisms" for advancement to replace RFC 1933 - 10 mins

"Stateless IP/ICMP Translator (SIIT)", changes and next step - Erik Nordmark - 10 mins

"Network Address Translation-Protocol Translation (NAT-PT)", changes and next step - George Tsirtsis - 10 mins

"6bone Routing Practices" for advancement to Info RFC - Bertrand Buclin - 10 mins

draft-tsuchiya-ipv4-ipv6-translator-00.txt - Kazuaki Tsuchiya - 5 mins

6bone status report - Bob Fink - 10 mins

vBNS current 6bone plans - Greg Miller -5 mins

new ASpath-tree tool features - Ivano Guardini - 10 mins

Negotiated Address Reuse - Gabriel Montenegro - 20 mins

Distributed Network Address Translation - Michael Borella - 20 mins

-end ngtrans agenda

PS: the IPng meetings are:

TUESDAY, August 25, 1998

1545-1645 Afternoon Sessions III 
	INT ipngwg IPNG WG
1700-1800 Afternoon Sessions IV 
	INT ipngwg IPNG WG

THURSDAY, August 27, 1998

0900-1130 Morning Sessions
	INT ipngwg IPNG WG