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(ngtrans) NAT-PTv02 update


At 11:36 AM 8/6/98 +0000, George Tsirtsis wrote:
>Dear all,
>Here you can find v02 of the NAT-PT draft that was just submited to the
>The updated version includes the following changes:
>- Various editorial
>- Addition of Applicability Statement (section 7)
>- Removal of colocated DNS/NAT-PT section 4.2.1
>- 4.2.1 is now "DNS Application Layer Gateway (ALG) support"
>- Addition of section 6.5 "DNS Translation and DNSSEC"
>The authors (Pyda Srishuresh and myself) have not yet requested a slot in
>the ngtrans meeting. We could, however,  give a 5min update if people (and
>the chairs) think will help. Comments/discussion on the mailing list are
>always welcome.
>Could the chairs also let me know what the process is in order to get this
>draft moving?

I will add this to the agenda for Chicago and we can discuss then what may be possible to move it forward.

I would also like to get comments going on the mail list now in preparation.

Comments from the last meeting were:

>Several issues were raised in the discussion that followed:
>- Tony Hain pointed out that the document needs to discuss
>applicability of this technique (what types of sites could use
>it, what types should not), and also needs to discuss scaling
>- Brian Carpenter suggested that the group needs to consider how
>this technique would combine with the various other transition
>techniques, and API issues it raises.
>- Concern was raised about the translation of DNS queries and
>replies. It was not clear whether this could be made to work
>with signed DNS queries/replies.