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DIGITAL-BE Site Route Problems

Jim, 6bone folks

I've been working on the routing problem caused by the DIGITAL-BE site. 

Both the routers at DIGITAL-BE (from different vendors) seemed to have
incorrect config's which were allowing routes they received from my site
at DIGITAL-ETC and other places to leak back out to the 6Bone via
SURFNET. Both these config's have been changed (thanks BB for your help
there). One was done yesterday (1st April) and the other this morning at
about 0930 CET. Hopefully the changes will be reflected in tomorrow's
report from Merit.

Looking at the routing tables today via the G6 and CSELT web sites it
appears the errant routes have disappeared. It took some time to purge
them out of the system but I cannot see any now. I'll check tomorrow
morning when the new merit report comes out.

Sorry for the delay in getting to fix this. The owner for the DIGITAL-BE
site is [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> .
Guido has only taken over recently but is now running things. 

Apologies to all for the bother - I guess this is what "test" networks
are for...


Robert (Bob) Watson
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Digital Equipment European Technical Center
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	From:  [email protected] [SMTP:[email protected]]
	Sent:  01 April 1998 18:12
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	Subject:  DIGITAL-BE Site Route Problems


	This site was causing router problems and it has been reported.
	person maintaining this site has left the company and things got
	up.  Digital is fixing this one way or the other now.

	For the future on the 6bone Cabletron and Digital are now
separate eng'g
	groups for this kind of testing.  So if your running a Cabletron
	Routabout please make sure you have connection to them.  It is
the same
	folks, just the name has changed. 

	Also our backbone site at DIGITAL-CA is running a Cisco for IPv6