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On the peering of pTLAs...

On Sep 17, 12:06pm, Guy Davies wrote:

> Here's a similar list for UUNET-UK.  I've also added the total number of
> hops as this could have some bearing on choice of route.  My preferred
> routes would, I guess be those which don't cross the Atlantic twice to
> reach the destination (sorry, Alain ;-)
> Based on that, my preferred EU peers would be telebit, sics, surfnet,
> ifb, cselt, uni-c, netcom-uk, janet and stuba.  However, some of the
> RTTs in that list are pretty poor (although loss is generally fairly
> low)
> Based purely on RTT, the favourites are telebit, sics, surfnet, ifb,
> uni-c, netcom-uk and janet (all sub 200ms).  I think, given that most of
> the first list appear in the second list and that I already peer with
> all the first list, I'll stick with that for now....  In fact, the only
> one I peer with who's not in the list is G6 who had better connectivity
> to us when we started the peering (not sure why out traffic now goes via
> the states rather than straight across Ebone)

Guy, Duncan,

As it seems G6 has a poor connectivity with UUNET-UK and both G6 & UUNET-UK
have good connectivity to JANET, It will make sense to remove the
G6 <-> UUNET-UK tunnel and that guy & I directly peer with you.

So Duncan, could you announce me all the GPG4+ 3ffe... routes?

	- Alain.