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request for pTLA

Request for a pTLA ID

Our organization, INFN-CNAF, acts as Local Internet Registry (LIR) for
GARR network, the Italian research and academic network (we distribute
ipv4 network addresses).

Moreover international circuits of the GARR network are located at=A0INFN-C=

 - 34 Mb/s link to TEN-34 network (European research and academic network);=
 - 4 Mb/s links to US (T1 to ESnet and E1 to Internet MCI/WIN).

Our experience in 6BONE started last February; we have 2 international

- JOIN-DE, with a very good performance (40 ms avg.).

Due to GARR international circuits, we are going to add new tunnels with
international sites and become a 6BONE backbone site; so we will provide
6BONE connectivity to any other GARR site (we planned to move our 6BONE
router to get a more stable and managed configuration).

Our main interest is gaining experience in transition mechanism, IPv6
routing protocols and implementations, and applications over 6BONE;
moreover, since we act as IPv4 address delegation and registry for all
GARR sites, we need to learn how to plan IPv6 GARR addressing.

Please feel free to send us any questions and comments.


Cristina Vistoli
Luca dell'Agnello