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survey on expected transition dates for the 6bone

>So...my question is, is this reasonable?
Yes for me.  I have two sites that want to be leafs from me.  I've asked
them to wait (anyway they are not totally ready) until the new addressing
structure to be in place. Less efforts for them and me.

>I would like to ask 6bone participants (all sites, not just backbone sit=
>to send to this list their estimate of ability to convert to the new
>address format, and when they believe it could be done.

I finally got (yesterday) the code from cisco. (side note: when you don't
have the good name, you can spend a lot of time in searching into a large
organisation to get the little thing you need... Thanks Dalen and Pedro..=
. =20

So, I intend to make tests on the next two weeks with the cisco, complete
DNS config and delegation, and then convert to the new addressing structu=
for 1st october. After, I will connect to the other bb sites with bgp4 wi=
the new addressing structure and then after my leaf sites.=20

This is my plan, if it works with the schedule of other bb sites.

Regards, Marc.

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